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 Betreff des Beitrags: War of the ancients
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Meine Meinung auf english:

Ok, let´s see how good my english still is:
I watched the film with my girlfriend on a big screen. We both know the books this film is based on and i want to share the "flaws" we´d recognized. After that the "good" parts.

1. The colors are to often "to much" green/blue/red and so on. I know many pictures would´ve been to dark without, but it fits not that good.

2. Without knowing the book it is very hard to understand the plot. Rhonin and Krasus arive out of nowhere and we get just a "the matter is really important". For Brox the same problem and we never see him arive.

3. Without knowing the game or the maps it is impossible to know where Suramar and all other places are located. An animated map with travelmarks would have done a great job.

4. Rhonin just kills a nightelven. They don´t know where they are and there is no guessing of timetravel yet. So nightelven are allies. Maybe just misinterpretation of the filmnarrative. But this did not happen in the book.

5. We get a "10.000 years ago". But the events with Brox´s last battle happened in the "present time". This is not clarified.

6. To much walking from the bad guys. Also is the walk animation to fast for the distance, so they glide very fast instead of walking. Also seems lady Azshara to move to much on here throne. To much "here and there" with the head. More "royal patience" would have suited better.

7. The epic ending should have been the ending. But we had two more scenes. Sure, Azshara looked awesome as kraken, but the neltharion part killed it.

8. The music. Ok, in germany it is forbidden to use any music from movies or else. Other lands are more lucky. From all the music you could have chosen, you choose over 50% well knowing. Lord of the rings reminds me of...sorry...lord of the rings. So it does not fit into well of eternity. Most of the music was "touched with other images from its originated movie". So it was a bad decision to use this. Maybe you should look for "not so well known" music. There is much epic out there, but you have to find it. And "Saw" was so often taken in trailers and fan movies, that it should rest now.

9. The stoy was compressed. I know it was needful, but then kick out the needless characters. Vashj´s mother served no use. The same with many dragons.

10. To much detail = the image stopped for milliseconds. Also there is a two second black part in the movie. I feared the laptop had crushed. The cutting in the introduction part was also to quick. Maybe more "bullet time".

And now for the good part:

1. The models are astonishing. Really good work and worth the waiting.

2. Good ideas aside the book. We see vashj as kraken and sargeras on his way to madness.

3. The talk animations were repeated to often, but the cutting did a good job here.

4. I don´t know how many people realized it, but: The epic painting with Azshara in front of the portal siting and posing was perfectly realized in this film. Chapeau!

5. The voices: To hard to understand in the beginning, cause the music was to loud. And with an echo it was also a challenge. But the voiceactors did a perfect job.

6. The sound: Aside the music was it a really good sound. The effects were clear and fitted everytime.

7. The demons laguage was good used and realized.

8. The effort: Four years in the making and so much to organize and putting together in endless hours. You kept on going and you did it. *raise my head for that*

Seems there was much to dislike. But i think this is just a advice how to make it even more better. No rating from me, cause a rating does say nothing for just one person.

Hope to see the second part.

"Ich werde die Zeitmaschine zerstören und mich der Erforschung von etwas viel wichtigerem zuwenden...den Murlocs!"
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Kleiner Ausflug am Rande: Blizzard hat sich gerüchteweise den Namen "Eye of Azshara" gesichert. PCGames berichtet darüber und hat unter dem Artikel ein Bild von Keytals Azshara statt Blizzards Original... Journalisten, macht mal eure Hausaufgaben :D ... n-1141361/

Etwas anders besser zu finden, heißt nicht, dass es nicht gefällt...
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