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 Betreff des Beitrags: The Jaguars got a reminder of why they prefer running
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to passing just before halftime in Jacksonville.The Jaguars fell behind 14-0 in the first quarter of Sunday’s game Youth Customized Buffalo Bills Jerseys , but got back into it with back-to-back touchdown drives that 148 yards over 17 plays. They ran the ball on 16 of those plays and Leonard Fournette capped both drives with touchdown runs that tied the score at 14-14.Jacksonville got the ball back with a chance to take the lead and moved the ball to midfield when they asked Blake Bortles to throw the ball. That didn’t go well for them as Bills linebacker Matt Milano picked off the pass.Bortles was 5-of-8 for 31 yards on the half, which is less yards than Fournette, Chris Ivory and wide receiver Dede Westbrook have run for individually. That interception may lead to even more work on the ground over the next 30 minutes and that would probably work well given the 173 yards they’ve already picked up on Sunday.The interception didn’t hurt the Jags on the scoreboard as the Bills couldn’t score. They hurt themselves with a penalty to start the drive and flags on offense have been an issue all day for Buffalo. They were bailed out by another penalty later in the drive when Jalen Ramsey was flagged for illegal contact on a pass he intercepted.It was Ramsey’s second penalty of the day as he faces Allen for the first time since calling him trash and Ramsey could be seen telling the Bills bench “you trash” after the penalty was called on him with three seconds to go in the half. Buffalo Bills fans are not confident in the direction of the team. Who can blame them?We laid out the reasons here why Bills fans should be questioning the process the team has undertaken this offseason. They traded massive draft capital to select a quarterback , then handed the keys to Nathan Peterman for the opening week of the season only to bench him at halftime, they traded AJ McCarron and eventually had to sign Derek Anderson to come in because they didn’t trust the guy that two months earlier was their starting quarterback. AND THAT IS JUST ONE POSITION!Well, after the 1-5 Indianapolis Colts took the Bills to the woodshed Buffalo Bills Womens T-Shirt , running roughshod over head coach Sean McDermott’s vaunted defense, fans have dropped to a new low in our FanPulse polling data. After hitting 28% following a demoralizing loss to the Houston Texans, Bills fans are even less confident this week Buffalo Bills Hats , with only 26% of respondents saying they are confident in the direction of the team.If the Bills are blown out on national television this week, as expected, or if they can upset the Goliath to their David Buffalo Bills Womens Hoodie , it will be interesting to see how fans respond. Stay tuned.
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