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We’re getting close Carolina Panthers Hats , y’all. That long-running, not-particularly-inspiring-at-every-turn countdown series we’ve been running? It hits zero tomorrow because the Panthers hit the Cowboys tomorrow. Real, regular season professionalBild football is back. Here is a list of articles on Cat Scratch Reader you may have missed last week that you ought to read to be prepared for Week 1 and the whole season to boot.The Panthers have finalized their 2018 practice squadYou don’t have to care about this for much longer, but take a look and we’ll keep you updated on any changes. Chances are at least one of these guys will have to fill in for an injured player later in the year. You also never know who might step up and earn their place.Efe Obada makes 53-man rosterThere are still reasons to feel good about the Panthers’ offensive lineCurtis Samuel has ‘small procedure to fix irregular heartbeat’Who will be the Panthers 2018 breakout star?Made from Scratch: Panthers vs. CowboysThere you have it folks: some good news; some bad news; some hope; and some snacks.In case you missed the whole week Carolina Panthers Hoodie , you can check out all of our coverage and previews for Week 1 against the cowboys here. There were big changes promised when David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers this summer. Most of them were going to be behind the scenes — cultural changes that wouldn’t affect the product on the field. There is one cultural change, however, that many fans hoped would occur and that would have a very obvious effect on the field. It looks like that change has happened. The Panthers are today, per eyewitnesses Customized Carolina Panthers Jerseys , painting their own logo at midfield of Bank of America Stadium for the first time in franchise history.Like a baby’s first pair of big-boy pants, this is a huge sign of growth for the now 25 year-old franchise. It shows that the new owner actually cares about the image and identity of the product he just paid billions of dollars for and is trying to understand the market that supports it. He isn’t, as Darin Gantt has described his predecessor in this twitter thread, needlessly stubborn.The culture does indeed appear to be changing in Charlotte. The stadium can now be readily identified as the home of the Carolina Panthers. The team has a president with an honest-to-goodness sports business background. What else will change? I’m not sure , but I can tell you that for the first time in a long time I’m excited to find out.
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