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 Betreff des Beitrags: Where to buy discount Air Jordan 3 Black Cement?
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The arrival of 2018 opened the curtain of Jordan Brand celebrating the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 3. As the opening ceremony, Air Jordan 3 Black Cement will be released next month. Recently, a set of Air Jordan 3 "Black Cement" 360 degree no-details detail exposure! The black upper is infused with a large amount of lychee, complemented by a signature burst of cracks, plus a little red detail embellishment, the foot is absolutely extraordinary! The most attractive thing is its hook ass, the original OG dress is perfect return!

After the two-year re-enactment of color matching, Nike will bring this new popular color matching Triple White Nike Air Max 98, which celebrates its 20th birthday this year. The classic body is made of pure white fabric and leather. The unique pattern of the upper is made up of a small NIKE and Swoosh Logo. Finally, it is equipped with a signature white full palm Air Max air cushion midsole. It can be said that it is very refreshing and versatile color scheme.

At the end of each year, the AJ11 finale is a big show. This pure red Air Jordan 11 Gym Red, compared to the calm color tone introduced in the previous two years, for the first time with a bright color design to present a different visual impact, plus the proximity to the Chinese New Year, for our people more means Festive! Mom and Dad don't buy it? nonexistent! Festive is the most important. The warm campus red upper with large patent leather, the Jumpman villain is embellished with black embroidery, complemented by a white midsole and an ice blue crystal outsole. Although it has a certain difficulty for everyday wear, it is like a batch of wild horses. As long as you can tame it, it will definitely attract you the most attention. The redesigned shoe box, black and red color, is very solemn. Air Jordan 11 can be said to be a very important shoe in the AJ series, the first use of patent leather material, also makes AJ11 more in line with Michael Jordan. The other parts of the upper are made of nylon, which not only reduces the weight of the shoes but also improves the durability of the shoes. The midsole uses a large carbon plate that links the forefoot and the forefoot, making the shoes more resistant to torsion and arch protection, and greatly reducing the weight of the midsole. The most intuitive feeling is that you will find it. The AJ11 is very light. The Phylon midsole uses the old-fashioned Air Sole air cushion, and the blue crystal outsole makes the pair of AJ11 even more glamorous.
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