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The numbers on the new Matt Ryan contract have made their way to PFT headquarters. And Womens Joey Bosa Jersey , well, wow.

The full breakdown appears below, followed by some analysis. All numbers come from a source with knowledge of the deal.

1. Signing bonus: $46.5 million.

2. 2018 salary: $6 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2019 option bonus: $10 million, fully guaranteed.

4. 2019 salary: $11.5 million, fully guaranteed.

5. 2020 salary: $20.5 million, fully guaranteed.

6. 2021 salary: $23 million, $5.5 million of which is guaranteed for injury only at signing. The $5.5 million becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2019 league year.

7. 2022 roster bonus: $7.5 million, due third day of 2022 league year.

8. 2022 salary: $16.25 million.

9. 2023 roster bonus: $7.5 million, due third day of 2023 league year.

10. 2023 salary: $20.5 million.

11. All guarantees have no offset language.

Here’s what it all means.

First Youth Ben Roethlisberger Jersey , Ryan has a whopping $94.5 million fully guaranteed at signing. The remaining $5.5 million in guarantees for injury only at signing are, as a practical matter, fully guaranteed. Indeed, the only way to avoid the $5.5 million would be to cut Ryan after one year — and to owe him $94.5 million without the opportunity to offset any of the cash to be paid later.

Second, there is no fluff in the deal. No per-game roster bonuses, no workout bonuses, no incentives. It’s “all clean cash,” as the source explained it.

Third, if Ryan had opted to go year to year, he would have made $19.25 million this year Womens Alejandro Villanueva Jersey , $25.98 million under the franchise tag in 2019, and $31.176 million in 2020. That’s a three-year haul of $76.406 million. Under the new contract, Ryan will make $94.5 million.

Fourth, in the non-guaranteed years, the Falcons will have to decide early whether to move on from Ryan, given the $7.5 million due on the third day of the 2022 and 2023 league years.

Fifth, the new-money value is $30 million per year, which is a record. The full value at signing — six years, $169.25 million — is $28.2 million. (That’s not quite as good as $28.3 million, but in one specific way it’s a lot better.)

So Ryan has set a new bar. And it won’t be easy for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers to overcome it. We’ll explain that in further detail in a separate post.

For now Authentic Tyler Eifert Jersey , the point is this: Ryan has gotten a record-setting deal, and he’ll likely be a Falcons for the next six years, and probably beyond.

The New England Patriots are heading into the 2018 season in a familiar place: Overwhelming favorites to make the playoffs.

Playoff betting odds are available for every team, and the Patriots are incredible -1500 favorites to make the playoffs. In other words, you’d have to bet $1,500 just to make a $100 profit on New England making the playoffs. The Patriots have made the playoffs every year since 2009, and every year with a healthy Tom Brady since 2003, and this year they should do it again.

New England is by far the heaviest favorite to make the playoffs, followed by Pittsburgh at -550 and Philadelphia and Minnesota each at -260.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Cardinals are +800 underdogs to make the playoffs Authentic Joey Bosa Jersey , meaning if you bet $100 on the Cardinals to make the playoffs, you’d win $800 if they make it. Arizona is the longest long shot, followed by Cleveland, Miami and the Jets each at +600.

Via OddsShark, here are the playoff odds for all 32 teams:

New England -1500Pittsburgh -550Philadelphia -260Minnesota -260Green Bay -170Los Angeles Rams -170Los Angeles Chargers -145Jacksonville -140Houston -135New Orleans -130Atlanta +115Kansas City +120Carolina +130Baltimore +135San Francisco +135Dallas +145Tennessee +165Oakland +165Seattle +220Detroit +260Denver +275New York Giants +325Indianapolis +325Washington +375Cincinnati +400Tampa Bay +425Chicago +450Buffalo +450New York Jets +600Miami +600Cleveland +600Arizona +800
Womens Josey Jewell Jersey
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