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I think the major issue here is that she is supinating, big time. I have the same problem and this is VERY common for people with high arches. Supinators make up such a small percentage of the population that doctors rarely spot it, even podiatrists. I was told by multiple doctors at an office I went to to have my gait analyzed (after injuring myself a number of times) that as a supinatior I Adidas NMD Femme would very likely need orthotics and a neutral, cushioned shoe (IE Brooks Ghost or Asics Gel Nimbus). Because supinators commonly Adidas Superstar Homme land on the outside of their feet on their small toes, all the impact hits this area leaving it prone to stress fractures and other injuries such as ITBS and knee injuries as well. Thus, the need for a good amount of cushioning in this area. (The orthotics are usually made to redirect your foot to place the landing impact on your big toe, where it should be.) I was also warmed about the new “flat, little cushioning, fore-foot running” trend because as a supinator, they were incompatible with the needs of my foot (cushion!) Since taking this advice, I have remained injury free. No knee Adidas Superstar Mujer problems, no ITBS issues, nothing.I found that a lower stance and a bit of forward pelvic tilt helps. This combination Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose helps maintain torque in the hip and reduces “my’ stress on the tensor fascia lata muscle on the outside of the hip (part of ITB).Adidas ZX 750 Femme It also requires me to pick up the heels as I lift my leg and ‘thread’ it through the stride. You will have to work on your dorsiflexion range to run with a lower stance and minimize the up and down motion. I’m fond of the “run low” philosophy as it gives you room to adjust and absorb uneven terrain and gives you a larger margin for error in form. It also tends to require a mid-foot strike. And technically a lower stance should allow for a longer forward stride while keeping the foot under the knee while striking.Unfortunately her left leg has a much more limited range of motion as Nike Air Max 90 Womens evidenced by a significantly lower heel to seat motion when compared to the right leg. This means she has less of an ability Asics Gel Lyte 5 Femme to generate force with actively pulling her under her center of gravity. The entire left leg is less capable of absorbing shock at peak ground contact. In addition, she crosses over her midline more with the left leg as compared to the right. Her foot movement is good and corrective shoes or no shoes are not the answer. I would be curious to know if she has a leg length discrepancy. My suggestion would be working on total left leg flexibility – at the foot and ankle, knee and hip. Improved range of motion coupled with running form drills might help.I am not in any position to make recommendations but I agree with the checking the leg length/hip strength aspect. Her feet seem to be all over the place in the Nike Air Max TN Femme air, but she seems to land fairly flat, especially in the socks. Shortening the stride might help- I’ve had a number of Nike Air Presto Womens problems which seem to be somewhat helped by changing from the Adrenaline +/- heavy duty orthotics to the Nike Free and the Kinvara and just shortening my stride. I also got a stretch from my MD to work on loosening up the hips as he seemed to think most of the problems came from there (not sure I agree, but hey, I’ve been able to increase mileage slowly but steadily over last 3 months).In college, I developed a stress fracture in my right tibia freshman year, broke my left foot in a conference 4x800m relay sophomore year and then had ITBS the last two years. Since college I’ve only had issues with ITBS in my left leg. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to the injuries which makes it very difficult to figure Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink out the cause.My sophomore year of college I was fitted for custom orthotics as I was told I pronated, more significantly in my Adidas Superstar Femmeleft foot than right. I’ve recently had these orthotics examined by a PT and was told they were still supporting my feett correctly and hadn’t broken down. That being said, the PT also mentioned that if I wasn’t already in an orthotic he would NOT have prescribed me them today even though I do pronate to some degree.
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