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One of my favorite features of the E-Lite vest is Adidas NMD Mujer that the tube coming from the reservoir has a little magnet attached to it Nike Air Max 90 Mujer that sticks onto to another magnet on the chest strap. This keeps the tube firmly in Nike Air Max 90 Femme place while running, and it’s located right where I need it when I’m ready for a drink. The bite valve works great, and the tube has a quick-connect attachment that makes it really easy to attach and detach it from the reservoir. The reservoir itself is also innovative, as the entire top of the reservoir unfolds and opens for easy filling and cleaning. It seals by folding it over and sliding a clip across, and I have not yet experienced any leakage.All in all, I give the Hydrapak E-Lite vest a huge thumbs up. It’s a great ultralight hydration pack from a small company that I respect a lot. If you’re looking for a pack that is really simple, comfortable, and stays put, I’d definitely recommend that you give the Hydrapak E-Lite a try.Just a quick Nike Air Max Classic BW Dames post to let you know that several new 4mm midsole drop shoes from Saucony have been Nike Air Max 95 Dames officially released and are available at Running Warehouse. Here’s a quick look – I have the Peregrine already, and am hoping to get review samples of both the Mirage and the Fastwitch 5 soon so I can do full reviews and comparisons to the Saucony Kinvara.The Mirage is being marketed as a Kinvara cousin with a bit of added stability. It’s a bit heavier than the Kinvara, but still a nice looking shoe that shares the low profile (4mm midsole drop) that helped make the Kinvara so popular. I’ve tempered my feelings on stability elements in shoes a bit (not from a pronation control standpoint – I still don’t think pronation control should be a primary basis for shoe choice). Rather, I find sometimes that pure neutral shoes can sometimes be too soft and can cave medially as the foot rolls over. I’ll withhold any final judgment Nike Air Max Classic BW Femme until I can try the shoe out.I bought a pair of the Peregrines a few weeks ago, and have put about 10-15 miles on them so far. The fit and feel is very much like the Kinvara (and they are also 4mm midsole drop from heel to forefoot), but the shoe is heavier and has very substantial, grippy lugs. Most of my runs in them have been on snow and rutted ice, and they provide great traction. A benefit of the heavy duty (but heavy!) outsole is that the shoe feels a bit firmer underfoot than the Kinvara, which some feel is too soft.The Fastwitch 5 is an update to an old stand-by in the Saucony racing shoe lineup that has been reduced to a 4mm midsole drop from heel to toe. I wore the Fastwitch 2 in two of my previous marathons, so I have a history with this shoe, Nike Air Max 95 Femme and am looking forward to seeing how it performs in comparison to the Kinvara Adidas NMD Womens (my most recent marathon shoe). I also like the bright green version available on the Saucony website – hopefully Running Warehouse will carry this colorway soon!Don’t know if you recall last fall when I linked you to my review of the Saucony A4 (I’m pretty sure). Well, I now have about 50 miles on the Fastwitch 5, and there’s a few things I think you should know. One, heel toe drop according to RW is 5 mm, and probably about 7 with the insole. Nonetheless, it does have a bit more cushion over the course of the long run, which I think makes it more suitable for the marathon distance than the A4. Also, durability seems great – I think they’ve used carbon rubber on the entire outsole (which may explain the slightly higher degree of stiffness). Nonetheless, Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose a shoe that feels stable underfoot, while also being very natural and Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer seeming to interfere with the gait very little if at all. I’ll link you to a more thorough review once I have more miles on them (currently dealing with some injuries) but first trials are looking positive! Not to mention the price is pretty good on RW, especially compared to some other minimal shoes, i.e. Wave Universe.For some background, I’ve always been more of a trail guy, but used to like the ProGrid Jazz for years until they made some significant changes. I then adopted the Puma H-Streets as my occasional road shoes, but ran the vast majority of my miles off-road over the last 2 years in the Saucony Xodus–in no way a minimal shoe despite being lighter and leaner than most traditional trail shoes.
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