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These smaller tables make them easier to accommodate in a home recreation use. Jack Warner and Mohamed bin Hammam provisionally suspended by FIFAIt follows an enquiry by FIFA's Ethics Committee, after alleged ethics violations Bin Hammam had earlier withdrawn from the race to be named FIFA presidentCurrent president Sepp Blatter cleared of any wrong doing by the investigation(CNN) World football's governing body FIFA have confirmed that vice president Jack Warner and executive committee member Mohamed bin Hammam have been provisionally suspended by the organization with immediate effect.The announcement follows an enquiry by FIFA's Ethics Committee, after alleged violations of the FIFA Code of Ethics linked to the upcoming FIFA presidential election.FIFA released a statement on Sunday saying: "The Ethics Committee considered that a provisional suspension was required while the investigation continues, taking into account the gravity of the case and the likelihood that a breach of the FIFA Code of Ethics and the FIFA Disciplinary Code has been committed."Former rival to FIFA president faces ethics hearingThe news, following a dramatic 24 hours which saw bin Hammam withdraw as the only challenger to Sepp Blatter in next month's presedential election, means that Blatter will be re elected unchallenged after he was cleared of any wrong doing by the Ethics Committee.In relation to Blatter's case, the statement added: "Regarding the proceedings opened against FIFA president Joseph Blatter, at the request of Mohamed bin Hammam, for a potential breach of the FIFA Code of Ethics all charges were dismissed in full."The Ethics Committee found that no breach of the Code of Ethics had been committed and they will meet again in due course in order to take a final decision on the matter after gathering more information and evidence on the cases."Blatter himself released a statement saying: "The FIFA Ethics Committee has reached its decisions."I do not wish to comment in detail, but simply to say that I regret what has happened in the last few days and weeks.

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