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Script length?
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Autor:  Williamhawk [ 02 Dez 2017, 07:57 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Script length?


I just got my first zoetrope review, and I'm kind of stuck on the cusp between taking the reviewer's advice and taking the reviewer for a fool. I'm not entirely certain he read the whole screenplay in any case, or he would have known that it's not an action/adventure. That aside, he wrote the following:

"To begin, your script is too short. The recommended length of a feature screenplay is 110 – 120 pages. However, for fast paced epics studios normally demand 140 – 160 pages of constant action." My screenplay, which has about five pages of action at each end bookending 90 pages of drama, comes in at 101 pages overall. I don't think I'm going to lengthen it on this person's say-so, but what say you?

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