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 Betreff des Beitrags: Preformed Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable
BeitragVerfasst: 07 Sep 2018, 05:05 

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Single Suspension Clamp
The Heliformed Suspension Clamps are intended for connecting OPGW Cable and pole, reducing static stress to the OPGW Cable at support points and cushioning against the dynamic stress of aeolian vibration. Providing protection against cable bending stress, there is no other stress concentration, so that the fiber optic doesn't produce extra loss in the cable after installation.
Structure and Material:
The product is combined Clamp, including a Yoke Plate( consist of Housings, Rubber Inserts, Bolt, Split Washer, Flat Washer, Nut and Lock Pin ),a unit of HSU Rods and a unit of Armor Rods. Armor Rods, which are directly wrapped outside of the cable and gripped by Rubber Inserts, provide protection and hardness for the cable. HSU Rods gripped by Housings press the Rubber Insert.
Application Guide for Single Suspension Clamp:
1.It is designed to connect corner/elevation angel smaller than 25°Pole and the Cable, a unit of Suspension Clamps per pole.
2.Select the Catalog Number corresponding to the appropriate cable range, Load-weight or Span Length.
3.It is suitable to OPGW Cable.
4.The normal form can be directly used according to the hanging wire way. Select one from two different combinations matching the Suspension Clamp.
Single Suspension Sets For OPGW Cable
Catalog No.Cable Diameter
(mm)Helical RodsHSU RodsColor Code
OXF 10109.5-10.1170010110011Emerald Green
OXF 108010.2-10.8172011112011Navy Blue
OXF 115010.9-11.5174011114011Black
OXF 122011.6-12.2176012116012Red Brown
OXF 129012.3-12.9178012118013Blood-red
OXF 136013.0-13.6180013120013Orange Red
OXF 143013.7-14.3182013122013Deep Yellow
OXF 150014.4-15.0200012140012Light Green
OXF 157015.1-15.7204012144012Middle Blue
OXF 164015.8-16.4208013148012Sky Blue
OXF 171016.5-17.1212013152013Middle Gray
OXF 178017.2-17.8216013156013Turquoise
OXF 185017.9-18.5220014160013Jade Green
Installation Sketch Map for Single Suspension Clamp:
Normal Form
CombinationPreformed Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable
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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Preformed Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable
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