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SCRE-5210 Rotary Evaporator

1.SCRE-5210 Laboratory Rotary Evaporator
2.Production-oriented large-capacity rotating steam rotary evaporator flask. Increase the evaporation area, placed in a water bath under vacuum, side spin, while heating, so that the proliferation of high-performance solution evaporated.
3.It is widely used in the size of the sample concentration, drying, extraction, recycling and so on.
4.It is the ideal equipment for mass production of chemical industry, medicine, food, environmental protection, institutions of higher learning and scientific research laboratories and industries and mining units.
1.Host fixed on aluminum T-shaped base square-column connections.
2.Left: extra-long high-performance dual-reflux condenser tube, valve-type feeding tube, collecting the bottle valve to achieve a continuous increase rapid cooling fluid, fast leak. By a stainless steel cylinder, pole position assembly and disassembly convenient.
3.Right: Lift-Type constant temperature water bath.
4.Sealing parts: the PTFE material selected foreign countries, through special processing technology to enhance sealing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
The main structure: high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel, more complete and improve the equipment of a reasonable performance.
1.Rotary Bottle capacity : 10L (10 liters) Fa-lan's mouth diameter 75mm
2.Collection bottle capacity: 5L (5 liters)
3.Master speed: frequency control, digital display speed, 20-138 rev / min
4.Rotating motor :Three-phase AC induction motor 220v single phase power supply 120w
5.Condenser : Vertical Condenser, specialty high-performance dual-reflux condenser
6.Water Bath : One Time forming of stainless steel water bath
7.Temperature Controller: Thermostat touch smart digital display, accurate temperature setting
8.Supply Voltage: ~ 220v/50Hz
9.Heating power: 3000w
10.Instruments Dimension : L * W * H 95 * 55 * 165cm
11.Lifting : Manual Lifting Water BathRotary Evaporator
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