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Brand Name:XiandengInsulation:Polyesterimide overcoated with polyamideimide
Model Number:Enameled copper wireDelivery Time18~28 days
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China ColorBrown
Standard:GB, IEC, NEMA, JIS, Thermal Class:200
FeaturesGoood properties of resistance to high and low temperature, poweful cryogen, mechanical and radiation
Certification:SGS, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO/TS16949,UL
Spool PT4, PT10,PT15, PC20, PT25, PT60, PT90, 355*180, 500*210
Main applicationMotor of compressor, high quality power tools and light fitting. etc

1.How long has your factory set up?
We started production in 1984. about your company's annual production capacity?
Our Company’s annual production is about 50000 tons.
3.How large the scale of your company?
Our Company covers almost 120,000 square meters, including plant area of 70,000 square meters.
4. Some parameters about your company products
Enameled copper wire(mm):Round 0.06-6.00 Flat a1-10,b3-16
Enameled aluminum wire(mm):Round 0.3-5.0 Flat a1-10,b3-16
5. Why choose us?
Shipping terms of Coil winding wire
1) Sample time: Nearby 3-5days, distance 5-7days.
2) Production time: 18-28days(Depends on the Qty) after advanced payment received
3) Packing: Each into individual carton box, then into export carton
Product knowledge answer
Application of copper clad aluminum Enamelled Copper Wire Note:
1, copper clad aluminum Enamelled Copper Wire as a signal transmission is possible, but now as a power transmission, very simple question, and the number of its goods will be greatly reduced. In fact, the use of copper clad aluminum Enamelled Copper Wire, pay attention to the Enamelled Copper Wire section of the oxidation maintenance, to ensure that the useful connection between copper and aluminum, can be long-term use.
2, copper clad aluminum and copper clad aluminum enamel in practice there are many areas can not be used, but in fact many companies do the transformer are used, very worrying. Copper clad aluminum wire on the use of concerns on the 2:00, their own resistivity than the cross-section of copper to high, temperature rise of doubt; aluminum wire oxidation will further increase the wire resistance, to avoid oxidation.
3, the most worrying is the copper clad aluminum wire and aluminum contact, the industry often said that the metallurgical links, the real use of long-term use of the reliability of the process of thermal expansion and contraction, copper and aluminum links can Whether the test can not afford, the industry has not really proved.
Package of insulated wire:
Inner packing: Different plastic or wooden spools according to wire sizes.
Outer packing: Carton or as customer required
Our products will be made the most inner plastic packaging.Then the product will be packed in cartons and wooden cases as double protection in order to protect the Enameled Wire from wear and tear during transport.

Workshop and equipment
Cooperative partners and certificateswholesale Magent Wire Class C
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