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Concession Food Truck Top quality hot selling mobile kitchen trailer for sale
We are a professional food trailer manufacturer from China. We have our own factory and many years of production experience, exported a lot of times to many countries in America, Europe, Australia etc. You imagine we build! Look forward to be your long-term partner in China.
1.Product Introduction of the Concession Food Truck
This Concession Food Truck outer plate material is high-quality shiny stainless steel, the inner plate material is 201 matte stainless steel, and there is a layer of 5cm thickness insulation cotton in the middle. The Concession Food Truck are CE and ISO certified, and VIN vehicle codes for your registration and use in your country. Factory manufacturing, price concessions, quality assurance, one-year warranty. Any customization and special requirements are welcome!
2.Product Specification of the Concession Food Truck
Model: WK-400ST
Product dimension:L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)CBM (m³)Weight(kg)
Body dimension40021021018
Total dimension48021024525
Packaging dimension49022022024
-- Chassis
5mm thickness galvanized steel frame construction and suspension components treated with rust resistant protective coating.

-- Body:
Wall frame is welded by square tubes
external wall is high-quality shiny stainless steel,
middle layer is 5cm heat insulation,
internal wall is high quality matte stainless steel.
one selling window available in front, and there are two small tempered glass windows on the front and back.
high visibility tail light signal system.(brake, turn, back)
with waterproof sealing strip.

-- Flooring:
3 layers: 2mm non-slip embossed aluminum or PVC material + 10mm plywood + galvanized sheet

-- Wheel:
double axles(four wheels); 14/15 inch tires; one guide wheel.

--Water sinks:
Double sinks/Three water sinks with hot and cold water taps,
a fresh water tank, a waste water tank (25L/tank standard)
12V mini water pump,
on/off control switch.
-- Electric accessories:
High-power distribution box added with safety switch + external cables
Two row led spotlights on inner ceiling and selling window.
Standard sockets quantity as need
Cable layout as need
Tail light , braking light and turning light

-- Work bench:
two-layer stainless steel work bench on each side, W*H: 450*900mm
customized inner layout by requirement.
outside extension/folding counter

-- Customized service
Three compartment sinks and hand wash
Tank capacity can be customized
British style, American style, European style, Australian style and etc
Color, trailer size, material, suspension system
Generator frame, gas work system(gas cable, gas bottle, gas box avoiding falling)
Floor air vents, inner ventilation system
Window/door size and style
3.Production Details of the Concession Food Truck
4.Product Feature And Application of the Concession Food Truck

Now start your own business! We can customize food trailers according to your needs, like coffee carts, ice cream carts, hamburger trucks, fast food trailers, mobile kitchens, and donut trailers etc...
You imagine, we build! Lower costs, simple operations, popular Concession Food Truck built for you.
5.Product Qualification of the Concession Food Truck
We care about all the details.
We care about quality, CE, ISO certificates, VIN coding and appearance patent certificates. We will give you exclusive trailers.
We care about customers
Our company
6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the Concession Food Truck
During the production process, we will send you production photos and videos for your reference.
Before shipment, we will send you final product pictures for your confirmation.
Transport packaging, plywood or pearl cotton packaging, firmly secured to ensure transport safety. 20'container 1 unit, 40'container 2 units.
Warranty period, one year warranty.
Q1. Can I ask for a discount?
WECARE: Please contact us for the best price.
Q2. Can I design the food van by myself, you just do it for me?
WECARE: Yes, sure, the color, size, and internal design all can be customized according to your requirements.
Q3. What kinds of kitchen equipment are available?
WECARE: Many kinds, such as fryers, ovens, refrigerators etc. Please contact us to get kitchen equipment catalog.
Q4. How to do the customs clearance? Do you have people to help me?
WECARE: You can commission a freight forwarder. If you import in your own name, our freight forwarder will tell you the contact information of the agent at the port of destination. They will help you complete the customs clearance.
Q5. What certifications do your food trailer pass?
Q6. Have you tested each trailer before shipping?
WECARE: Yes, we do anti-water/electricity circuit/road examination.You can have us do special test too.
Q7. How the shipping works and costs?
WECARE: Generally it is ocean transportation. Please contact and tell us which port you need delivery to, and we will check the shipping cost for reference.
8.Latest News
2018.05.16, Customers come to visit our factory and thank our customers for their recognition. We will do better and better.
9.RecommendationsFood Truck for sale
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