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In the autumn season, look out the window of the banyan tree, the red flowers are falling Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, full of green. In the autumn and autumn rains, the stubborn trees are still growing. The thick rhizomes and the lush foliage are working hard upwards and upwards, crawling over the walls of half a yard, and trying to stretch the vitality of life. Every time I study sleepy and tired, I will look up and stare at this tree, and I feel refreshed and energetic. In this season of autumn, I am more looking forward to the bloom and bloom in the next year. June. In the eyes, it has been more than two years since I came to Xi'an from high school in Xizhong. This tree has been accompanying my study and growth outside the window. In the critical year of the third year of high school, the academic tasks are getting more and more serious Carton Of Newports Price, the examinations are more frequent, the words that can't be finished, the papers that can't be written, the courses that can't be heard, the parents, the teachers' jealousy, and jealousy are in the fiercely competitive Xi'an city. In the third middle school "love class", there is always a kind of ignorance and confusion, and the high and low rankings and high-intensity training are overwhelming. Physically and mentally, I have to bear certain pressures. Zhou test, monthly test, joint test, mid-term, and end-of-term... Each test is like a war. The schoolmasters always give a strong shock to the high scores. The must-see posture is breathless. In the past few years, every time the exam is over, I am always used to going home to see the banyan tree outside this window. When spring comes, this seemingly dry branch gradually buds, leaves, and joints. After the wind and rain, the trembling grows, and the new green is delayed. When summer comes, it grows very fast, one day. One, especially in June, its flowers are completely blooming, green leaves, safflower, yellow nucleus, beautiful and beautiful flowers bloom in June, red flowers like fire, green leaves like the sea, giving people a beautiful enjoyment and perception, every year In June, it coincided with the college entrance examination, so Ling Xiaohua was also affectionately referred to as ��the college entrance examination flower�� and ��auspicious flower��, which means ��red fire, victory in the college entrance examination��, and was welcomed by the students. In the early autumn, Ling Xiaohua Still blooming, Ling Xiao always grows roots and grows upwards, with pinnately compound leaves and lobes ovate, with serrated edges, bright red flowers, funnel-shaped corollas, and crusted fruit. It is a favorite; winter comes, in the harsh winter In it, it stands in the wind with enthusiasm, and the next life is the flaming red when there is Lingyunzhi, raising flowers to raise the flowers." Yes, the flowers are blooming in the four seasons, the flowers are blooming, not afraid of the cold and deep Xia Yu is more prosperous in the sun, and blood is used to sputum, cool blood and hurricane. The life of a flower, the strength of a great ambition, up, up, and up, the high hopes, the long flowering period, the life is gorgeous, calling people Admired a philosopher once said: "A heart, will never be hurt by the pursuit of dreams. The loss and smugness of the road to learning, the clarity and confusion, the simplest is what kind of state of mind you have.�� Look at the flowers that grow on this barren land, look at those who struggle for the ideal, look at those who don��t care. How many times have you failed to abide by the alumni, and then look at the students who have become savvy and become high-school students. I believe that the sinensis in my heart will experience the cold and the temper Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, and finally will open in June of the following year. A beautiful flower, because of dreams, determination, and hard work, is possible. When the flowers bloom, it is to be tempered by the coming winter, not discouraged, uncomfortable, and earning nutrients in a down-to-earth manner. Rain hit, experience a few cold, ice and snow, high temperature and heat, in order to bear the beautiful Ling Xiaohua. Looking forward to the flowers, it is necessary to "do as much as I can not reach, can have no regrets. "The mentality of the upcoming college entrance examination, firmly believe that one point of blood and sweat, there will be a point of return, life is like riding a roller coaster, there are high and low, in the low time to persist, to struggle, can not easily give up, not to mention me Seven feet male? Waiting for the flowers to bloom Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes, is to keep the loneliness, to endure the bitter cold. Expectation is a wish, a dream, if you want flowers to be gorgeous, full of fruit, you must carefully cultivate the soil from now on Cigarettes For Sale Online, rational fertilization, pruning and cutting leaves, care for the heart In the next year, you can get the beautiful lingering flowers in the coming year. Is it not so good to study? It is already deep, people are not sleeping; Ling Xiaoshu, Ye Zhenglu; heart is full of enthusiasm and full of mind. At this moment, pick up the mood and start again. Do not mess with the heart, do not fear the future, accurately plan, reasonably allocate time, check for vacancies, adhere to implementation, and meet the June of the coming year with confidence, determination, perseverance and courage.
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