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The Jets won on Sunday Youth Sam Darnold Jersey , which means it is our happy duty to award a game ball.There were plenty of standout performances which would merit game ball consideration on most weeks, including those of Robby Anderson and Leonard Williams. I think the pick is pretty easy for this game, though.Isaiah Crowell set a new Jets franchise record with 219 rushing yards. He needed only 15 carries to get those yards, leaving him with a ridiculous 14.6 yard average per carry. He became just the fourth player in NFL history to exceed 200 yards in a single game with 15 or fewer carries.The Jets have been quite open that they believe the key to success on offense is through running the football. They don’t want to put too much on the plate of their rookie quarterback, which requires rushing the football effectively.Things went according to plan this week Youth Spencer Long Jersey , mainly because of Crowell. He gets my game ball as a result.Who gets yours?Four losers and two winners from the Jets’ preseason loss to the Giants You could probably fit a lot more into the Loser category after this game. We could put the entire group of tight ends and special teams onto the list. With that said, here are some of the players in position and/or roster battles who really stood out in last night’s loss to the Giants.Eric Tomlinson: LoserThe only thing that helped Tomlinson was the poor play of his fellow tight ends. With that said, Tomlinson stood out as the worst of a terrible position group. He committed three penalties and had no receptions. Trenton Cannon: LoserI still think he’ll make the roster, but putting the ball on the ground for the third time on a return in two preseason games is going to make the coaching staff think twice about trusting him. He is probably out of the return competition now, and that kind of stuff has to have implications for the amount of offensive touches he gets.Taylor Bertolet: LoserWith his primary camp competition now gone Authentic Morris Claiborne Jersey , Bertolet had a golden opportunity to stake a claim to the kicker job. Instead, he missed an extra point.Brent Qvale: LoserThe entire offensive line struggled once again. While the line was better in pass protection in this game, the Jets only averaged 3.1 yards per carry. Qvale really stands out. He is consistently getting beaten badly. This is not the caliber of player who should be the primary backup at multiple positions. The problem is I’m not sure the alternative.Sam Darnold: WinnerI would be surprised to not see Darnold announced as the starter in the next few days. Every throw he made that was not a throwaway hit his receiver in the hands except one. That pass was batted down at the line. The quarterback can’t do much more than that.Terrelle Pryor: WinnerThere has been a lot of negativity around Pryor. He hasn’t gotten on the field due to an offseason injury. He drew a rare public rebuke from his coach due to the injury. He needed to show something good, and that he did with a 12 yard touchdown reception. He took what looked like a fairly routine short reception into the end zone with an electrifying run.
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