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��Break the blizzard, we are sitting on the sled, and we are running through the fields. We laugh and sing, the horses ring in the air, and the spirit is very happy. We are really happy to ski the ski songs tonight, jingle bells. It��s a jingle...�� Whenever I go out, I can always hear some children singing this song together. I know that Christmas is coming.n I was a child, I heard from the teacher that on Christmas evening, there will be a white-bearded grandfather, riding a car driven by a reindeer, coming to each of the children��s homes, then climbing into the house from the chimney and giving each child a gift. Put it in his red sock and leave quietly.hristmas evening, I put a red sock next to me and quickly climbed into the bed, pretending to close my eyes and thinking: I used to have a gift I like every Christmas. This time, I want to catch it. Santa Claus. Suddenly someone came in, and I faintly heard him say, "Ting Ting is asleep? She will be happy to see the gift tomorrow." "Yes!" I listened carefully, what! It turned out to be the voice of Dad and Mom. I blinked and saw Dad put my favorite music box in my socks Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, then quietly left and closed the door. It turns out that Dad and Mom are Santa Claus. Looking at my father's back, I remembered something. When I was young, my eyes were operated. In the hospital, my mother was with me every day. My father told me a joke every day. My eyes are moist, slowly, I went to sleep... In the morning, I took out the music box and ran like I did before, and did not reveal them Marlboro Gold Pack. Because I know that Mom and Dad like to see how happy I am... this Christmas, I went to the store to buy two Christmas cards and I was going to write all the words I wanted to say about my mom and dad.ove Mom and Dad. as fresh as air; poetry, as a spa-like comfort; poetry, soft like grass. How much charm does poetry have? Please follow me through ancient times and feel the charm of poetry...
Let's take a look at Su Xiaomei! According to legend, Su Xiaomei often with Su Shi to raise the bar: Su Xiaomei's thin lips and round face, black eyes, towering forehead. So Su said with a smile: "There are three or five steps before the church, and the forehead is in front of the painting hall Cigarettes Online. It is difficult to get a few tears and stay in the spring." Su Shi is also full of beards, belly fat, wide robe The sleeves are not trimmed, and they are not limited. Therefore, Su Xiaomei also replied to Su Shi: "One from the mourning grass out of the lips, you must send a flail and apricot. The mouth of the mouth back to the squatting, suddenly heard the sound of Mao." Two poets humorous poems. The characteristics of the two people are vividly described. Poetry can also adopt some rhetorical techniques Newport Cigarettes. Poetry also has its wonderful features, such as: Su Xiaomei, Su Shi and Huang Valley three plus "waist" story, Su Xiaomei's "help" word is better anthropomorphic, not only writes the slightness of the wind, Liu's delicate, but also write Out of the wind and Liu's relatives and mutual dependence, so more vivid than the "dance" of the Yellow Valley. The word "missing" is also more expressive than "hidden". It accurately writes the scene of the integration of the moon and the plum. These are very interesting, which makes me have to like poetry Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. On the day of the homemade poetry contest, I was even more excited. According to my understanding of poetry, I wrote down the pen: Lonely Autumn
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