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Carson Wentz was back on the field throwing passes less than six months after knee surgery ended his season.

The Pro Bowl quarterback wore a brace on his surgically repaired left knee and tossed passes to assistant coaches and ballboys as the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles kicked off organized team activities on Tuesday. Wentz isn't medically cleared to participate with the rest of the team.

"I'm just learning how to trust it Paul Hornung Jersey , trust your knee, trust your movement, all of those things," he said. "That comes over time."

Nick Foles stepped in after Wentz went down, leading the Eagles to their first NFL title since 1960. Foles was the Super Bowl MVP in a 41-33 victory over the Patriots and would be the starter if Wentz isn't ready for the season opener on Sept. 6 against the Falcons.

"Anytime you're rehabbing Kailer Yamamoto Jersey , you have to be careful," Wentz said. "Trust what the trainers and doctors are saying and be smart with it."

Linebacker Paul Worrilow injured his knee during practice and had to be carted off the field. There was no immediate word on the extent of his injury.

AP NFL website: and AP_NFL

From NHL players tripping at聽Pink Floyd concerts to fatally overdosing, the substance abuse misadventures of pro pucksters runs the gamut on this sad list of self-destruction. 聽And there may be more tragedy on the way. 聽This past February, a devastating in-depth report was published by Swedish outlet Expressen聽that took an investigative look at the ongoing, insidious spread of hard drugs and excessive drinking that bedevils the sport. One issue is Canada's culture of drinking--as a staggering (pun intended) 80 percent of Canadians imbibe alcohol Authentic David Desharnais Jersey , and that is certainly is ingrained (once more, pun intended) in the subculture of hockey. 聽Sometimes so much so that is becomes part and parcel of too many players'聽everyday life and routine.

Combine that with the social conformity endemic to the nature of the sport--a "team game" that demands camaraderie, and being part of that group dynamic means there鈥檚 always a beer in your face (and maybe even a line under your nose). 聽And if you choose not to party along, you could be subject to social ostracization. Especially if you鈥檙e not a high-caliber, and are more marginal , which describes the majority of players on this list, including many enforcers, aka "goons" whose bodies took a beating night in, night out. Depression, which is not limited to athletes John Riggins Jersey , also played a role in some of these real-life horror stories.

Let this list serve as a stern reminder to all up-and-coming players to avoid the predictable pratfalls of daily drinking and hard drug use (let alone abuse). However, they should settle for knocking back a craft beer or two. Players should leave 鈥渂umping lines鈥?and 鈥渃hugging Jack鈥?for the frat parties of yesteryear. So here then, are 15 lessons to be learned--the hard way:

Dallas Cowboys Jerseys
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