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Darrelle Revis officially shut down his dominant playing career by signing one final contract.

The seven-time Pro Bowl cornerback who routinely frustrated opposing receivers with his blanket-like coverage officially retired Tuesday as a member of the New York Jets 鈥?the team with which Revis spent eight of his 11 NFL seasons.

The 33-year-old Revis inked a one-day deal with the Jets at a ceremonial news conference at the team's facility after he announced last Thursday on social media that he was done playing.

Former teammates Ty Montgomery Jersey , including D'Brickashaw Ferguson, and several current players attended, along with owner Christopher Johnson, general manager Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles.

"It's been amazing," Revis said of his career. "My work ethic and my study habits I feel propelled me to strive to be one of the greatest. It took a lot of work, week in and week out, to prepare and play at the highest level and covering some of the toughest receivers in the world."

He was known for his uncanny ability to shut down receivers and the nickname "Revis Island" grew in popularity as receivers were routinely left "stranded" without being much of a factor in games because of the cornerback's airtight coverage.

In a clever nod to the nickname, the Jets set up a makeshift "island" outside of the facility's main entrance, complete with sand dunes and three small palm trees and had Revis pose in front of it for photos.

The team also issued green lapel pins that read "REVIS ISLAND" at the top with the Jets logo on the bottom and Revis' familiar No. 24 featured in the middle in front of a small island.

"As I look at it now and as I take some time to really assess what I've done and what really happened, it's amazing, it's amazing," Revis said. "You leave a legacy behind that players can follow, they can mimic and they can study your film, too."

Revis also gained notoriety for his business savvy at the bargaining table and made more than $120 million during his career.

He had several contract squabbles during his time with the Jets after being the No. 14 overall pick in 2007 out of Pittsburgh, including a lengthy holdout that was documented on HBO's "Hard Knocks" in 2010. Led by then-agents Jon Feinsod and Neil Schwartz, mother Diana Gilbert and uncle Sean Gilbert, a former NFL defensive tackle Adidas Johnny Gaudreau Jersey , Team Revis was a force to be reckoned with.

After contentious contract negotiations in 2013, Revis was dealt to Tampa Bay for first- and fourth-round draft picks. He was a member of the Buccaneers for just one season before being released and signing with New England as a free agent 鈥?and winning the Super Bowl with the Jets' biggest rival.

Revis became a free agent again, and returned home to the Jets by signing a five-year, $70 million contract, including $39 million guaranteed in 2015. After a solid first season back, Revis struggled with injuries and consistency in 2016 and was released. He finished up his career by playing in five games for Kansas City last season.

"I would've loved to play my whole career here and wear the green and white until I actually retired," Revis said. "Things happen. Team acquisitions come in and there's a different direction a team may want to go. You know, it happens. It really does, and that's kind of how I can sum that up."

Revis finished with 29 career interceptions, and returned three for touchdowns, including one for 100 yards against Miami in 2011. He was a four-time first-team All-Pro selection, including in what was his most dominant season in 2009, when he was beaten out by Charles Woodson for Defensive Player of the Year honors.

That was a rare time Revis lost out to anyone in his prime, especially that season. Randy Moss 鈥?whom Revis acknowledged was the toughest he ever covered 鈥?Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne all struggled against the Jets star.

Darrelle Revis shuts down his career, is celebrated by the Jets as he officially retires @DWAZ73 s:// pic.G1Rhj1zUW3

鈥?AP NFL (@AP_NFL) July 25 Authentic Terrell Edmunds Jersey , 2018

"His dominance at the cornerback position is legendary," Christopher Johnson said of Revis. "Forget giving up the catch. We were all shocked when quarterbacks would dare to attempt a pass in his direction."

Revis wouldn't reveal specifically on what the future holds for him, but acknowledged that staying around the game in some capacity is likely 鈥?perhaps in a coaching role somewhere.

"It's a love, it's a passion for me," Revis said of football. "I'm surely going to miss it. ... I'll weigh my options and see."

A trip to Canton, Ohio, and induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame could also be on the agenda in the next five years or so.

"I accomplished a lot in my career and the assignments that I had to face during my career takes a lot of toll on your body, week in and week out," Revis said of why he chose to retire now. "Every day my purpose was not to just be the best at my position, but to be the best player on the field. That was my motivation.

"I came out to practice and tried to set a tone, and game day, I tried to set a tone."

Joe Tessitore calls his new gig at ESPN a ”legacy job.”

Jason Witten notes he’s joining ”another iconic franchise.”

Booger McFarland says it’s ”the pinnacle of what we do.”

They are the three new voices who will work ESPN’s Monday night games this season.

Tessitore has been one of the network’s top announcers for 16 years on boxing, college football and basketball, including calling the College Football Playoff semifinals the past two years. It will be his first NFL assignment.

”I am very conscious of that lineage,” says Tessitore, who at 46 is the oldest member of what he calls ”a young, vibrant crew.”

”When I got the call that I would be doing this Anthony Gose Jersey , my first reaction was remembering when I was a kid watching Frank Gifford, Dandy Don (Meredith) and Howard Cosell. Everybody back then watched `Monday Night Football’ and `Wide World of Sports’ and Howard Cosell doing boxing. I did a Cosell imitation that had my grandfather, who didn’t speak English, laughing his tail off.”

Witten, one of the sport’s finest tight ends for 15 seasons and a likely Hall of Famer, retired from the Dallas Cowboys earlier this month to move into the booth.

Tessitore believes Witten will be a natural as he and McFarland replace Jon Gruden as analysts. Gruden, of course, is back coaching in the league with Oakland.

”We had a lot of candidates, and at the end of the audition process we all were saying, `This is very obvious,”’ Tessitore says of Witten.

”He has such an upside that this is a guy who could be the next generation’s face and voice of the NFL. He’s smart, respected, even beloved by coaches, and has a tremendously high football IQ. Jason has a little of all the traits and characteristics of the great ones. Most importantly, he is wholly authentic.”

Witten will be in the broadcast booth with Tessitore. McFarland, who won two Super Bowls as a player and has been an analyst for ESPN and SEC Network for four years, will be the first field-level analyst for ”Monday Night Football.”’

The idea is for the effervescent McFarland to give a viewpoint from near the trenches – exactly where he spent nine pro seasons as a defensive lineman.

McFarland’s wit and enthusiasm will be apparent from the outset of the broadcasts; ESPN’s first telecast will be Thursday night Cheap Tre'Quan Smith Jersey , Aug. 16 with the Jets at the Redskins in the preseason.

”I am going to use a strange word to describe Booger as an announcer: nimble,” Tessitore says. ”He’s dynamic, a huge personality and presence. You can’t have a cookie-cutter type of analyst and Booger is far from that – he’s a guy who you can turn on the red light for the broadcast and he’s ready to go.”

Tessitore replaces Sean McDonough, who returns to doing college football.

Lisa Salters is the only holdover, returning for her seventh season as the sideline reporter.

Tessitore recognizes the platform he and his new sidekicks will have. Their first regular-season game will be the nightcap of the opening Monday night doubleheader, the Rams at the Raiders (and Gruden).

”The college game lends itself to every game being its own story, the pageantry and the storytelling attached to it,” Tessitore says. ”In the NFL, each game is a continuation of a well-told narrative that everyone is following.

”It’s like this is our weekly story, part of a book we’ve all been continuously reading, and each week we’re on to the next chapter.”

He also realizes that simply calling a game for three hours or longer isn’t what his new job should be about. There’s much more to it.

”There’s a vision of when we land in town we begin to create content for fans who can go to the app and hear what we have to say about the upcoming games or what’s happening in the league,” he says. ”We also want to have more content made available pre-game and postgame.

”I’ve become so football-obsessed, it has become ridiculous.”

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