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It��s a bit yin, and there are raindrops falling from time to time. The road whirls and bends and bends; the car is in the shackles, walking along the ring; the side window looks deep in the autumn, calm and calm. Sweeping over, the mountain is burning red spots in the jungle; a little bit of condensing, the deeper the autumn, the yellow tablets between the trees. The front of the speeding wheel splashed a mist of water, and the rain cement water was instantly covered on the windshield of the car. The rain was small and stopped. Looking for a view of the autumn, the privacy of a mountain, parking in the heart of the mountains. Slowly climbed up the steep slope, calmly and calmly, slowly re-spinning, squatting around the hills. There is a quiet mountain village hidden in the mountains. The brick house is in the same soil, the asphalt road is coexisting, the brick wall is the wall, the small courtyard of the Jing Gate, the solar energy on the roof, the old water well in the village, the fitness equipment on the empty field, the beans on the fence, the 'three scorpions 'The farm car parked in front of the earth wall, and the carriage of the rubber raft was leaning against the barn. A road through a village has brought the distance between primitive and civilized. Look again, the rare smog of smoke, the ear, the ear, the sheep, the burdock, the shit, the squeaking sounds intermittently into the ear. The smoke is wrapped in the mountain village, the mountain village is attached to the mountain roots, the mountain roots are covered with smog, and the fog is sloping on the slopes. Everything after the ink and blue rain is fresh. Bare mountain rocks: white, green, gray, brown, straight rock formations, diagonal texture, weathered gravel, strong ridges, not shy in front of you. The covered earth dust went away, the thatched grass was yellow, and the rocks were like being brushed again with new colors, which really restored the original of the mountain. Looking at the layer of rock mass, watching the heart of the mountains, like reading a local textbook. This section is like the internal organs of the mountains. It is a photo of the mountains. Close to the mountains is connected to the thick loess layer. I have been to the western part of the Republic and have seen the long loess slopes. By contrast, the thickness of the loess here is not inferior. Although this place is a rare geological cave in the plains, but the Tianze candidate, a few holes in the abandoned earthen kiln to make it, the years have passed into memory, the original cave owner may have moved into the village. Nowadays, a deep ditch is squatting, and a frame of framed cliffs stands upright, and the deep ditch is not seen in the day. The traces of rain erosion are vivid, the mark of wind erosion peeling is visible, the vertical water wash marks Marlboro Cigarettes, the horizontal wind erosion traces, even if it is difficult to have grass to stay, the grass clusters hanging on the half of the soil cliff are also in danger, slightly water The wind blows will be a new section of the sacred scars of the soil cliffs. There are thick pebbles in the layers. It seems that there are shells wrapped in them. The height is high and the villages are at the foot Marlboro Red. Under the mud cliff is the Shahe River. The torrent of the autumn rain formed a few days ago, the sandstone tumbling over the branches, the Shahe River has been scoured a little lower, and the soil cliffs have increased a little. This is a cycle of rain and snow in the mountains and rivers. The traces of formation may be just a moment when we can see the geological changes Cigarettes Online. If you want to ask the origin of the shell, it is probably the interpretation of the sea. The land in the mountains is scarce. Looking up, the pure mountain of the mountains can not be hanged, but there are only a few sparse wattles in the mountains. Most of the land here is strips and plaques, and the strips are more than ten meters long. The plaques are more than ten squares. The best land boundary is counted as several terraces on the sunny slope. That is the basis for the continuation of the village. Apricot trees are planted with apricot trees Newport Cigarettes, and one side of the water and soil is raised by one person. The apricot sweet nuclear meat produced here is famous for its sweet and sour taste Carton Of Cigarettes. Thanks to these apricots, they have settled here. Jujube trees are also planted on the loess slopes. Similarly, in different days, the dates of the dates are high and the sugar is high. I admire these apricot trees and jujube trees, and grow and sacrifice on such a poor land. I don��t know how many generations of people have been domesticated and planted. This year's drought, the seasonal ��ka neck drought�� caused a lot of crops to fail, and the sentence: ��The summer is not going to cut off and feed
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