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The long rain fell for one night, but the next morning, although it stopped, but people could not work in the ground: cotton too wet cotton picking machine can not pick, the small four rounds of the big branch can not get down, collecting the land of drip irrigation It��s too sticky and it��s not good. We also had to take a look at this gap to see if I lived in the company for a long time and didn't go home to see my mother. I remember going back to the meal on the Mid-Autumn Day and I was a bit apologetic. On the phone, my mother said that she was dizzy and committed again. She went home to check it out. When she went to the back of her house, she saw her mother bending over and working in the small vegetable garden. It turned out that she was squatting in the ground, I quickly stopped her, helped her to dig up hardworking mothers always love to grow vegetables, live in the building is not idle, and dug a small small close to the window behind the building. A piece of land, using a tricycle to the company to raise cattle Cigarettes For Sale, the company smashed a few bags of cow dung, and went to the side of the building to have a bag of sand, we all think she is a drumstick, I did not expect to have planted a piece of green Vegetables Newport Cigarettes, because of the land, my mother chose a small dish: oil cabbage, spinach, schizonepeta, shallots, leeks, and a few loofah, mother does not care how much loofah knot, she took a few wooden sticks along the wall, green loofah ��I climbed up and formed a natural green fence wall. I remember that when my family still lived in the company, there was a vegetable garden with an area of ??nearly 5 points. My mother planted various vegetables: eggplant, pepper, tomato, bean leeks, spinach. , onion, schizonepeta, alfalfa, water spinach, oily wheat, etc., where the cabbage is grown, at the end of July, the mother planted cabbage, radish, and cabbage, and the location near the fence on both sides. Mom planted gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, melon, planted the first half of vegetables, there is a downpipe grapes with green seedless seeds Online Cigarettes, horse breast grape Marlboro Gold, purple Jufeng, there are bright red Riza Mart. Most of the latter half was divided into three parts by the mother: part of the cockroach (fed a lot of chicken at home), part of the cotton, a part of the corn planted so many vegetables at home, can not finish, so my mother thought about going to the group The market sells vegetables and subsidizes households. The company I live in is only 1 kilometer away from the regiment Marlboro Red, very close. Mother found a basket that could be woven on both sides of the bicycle. When she got up in the morning, she got up. She said that the vegetables picked in the morning were fresh and watery. Those small dishes were carefully cleaned by her, and they were prepared in the evening. The ropes bundled the side dishes, and they were packed with two baskets. There was a channel in front of my house. There was a small bridge. After crossing the bridge, I took the road to the alkaline channel, and then directly turned to the road of the regiment. Every time I will force my mother to push the bicycle on the bridge, and then watch my mother tremble and ride on the bicycle. Because my mother��s food is fresh and clean, there are always many customers to buy, sometimes my mother will Bring back a fish or meat to improve your family's life. I remember that my mother insisted on having two summers. Later, I bought a house for my mother in the group. When we sold the bungalow, the mother��s most reluctant one was the vegetable garden. Now I want to come. My mother is not just growing vegetables. She is actually planting an unforgettable vegetable garden complex. .
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